The Canadian Soldier, Jean Bouchery, 9x12, illustrated throughout, 140pp (est)

The long-awaited Volume 3 of Jean Bouchery's visual history "From D-Day to VE-Day". Originally this volume was supposed to cover all Commonwealth countries but interest in Canadian militaria has grown so much, as has the reenactor community, that this volume is dedicated solely to Canadian uniforms, insignia and kit.
Bouchery has had input from many Canadian collectors and it is anticipated that his book will quickly become a standard reference. Special price of CDN$55.00 (approx US$35.00) (Suggested retail price is CDN$59.95/approx US$38.00)


IN SEARCH OF PEGASUS: The Canadian Airborne Experience 1942-1999, Lt-Col. Bernd Horn, Michel Wyczynski, $45.00 HC 9 x 12" Colour & b/w photos 1-55125-039-X

This book is the first substantial attempt to chronicle the entire airborne experience, spanning over fifty-six years. Although often viewed as outcasts and pariahs, Canada's intrepid paratroopers have always represented the best combat soldiers this country has been able to offer. Renowned for their courage, initiative, physical prowess, and indomitable spirit, the nation's paratroopers have always represented the proficiency of the Canadian army. Aided by 400-plus dramatic photographs and a meticulously researched text, Pegasus opens the history and operational contribution of Canada's airborne forces to the public eye. From its beginnings as 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion in 1942 through the disbandment of the Canadian Airborne Regiment in 1995 and its aftermath it affirms the necessity of parachute capability. It is a tribute to their professionalism and tenacity. #VAN611


BUTTONS OF THE CANADIAN MILITIA, Army, Navy and Air Forces 1900-1990, Eric Smylie, $35.00 PB 108pp 6 x 9" b/w photos 1-55125-004-7

For collectors and enthusiasts, this book provides a look into an area of military collecting that is largely undocumented. Though medals awarded to Canadians and the badges of the Canadian armed forces have long been collected and valued, the field of Canadian military button collecting has been long overlooked, and available books and publications on this subject are virtually non-existent.
Thus, with a view to rectifying this situation, Eric Smylie traces the history of the military button from the late nineteenth century to the last decade of the twentieth. Included are buttons from General Service, the Corps, the Mounted and Foot Regiments Overseas Service Battalions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, Naval and Air Services, and the Newfoundland Forces. #VAN617

Head-dress of the Canadian Mounted Police 1873-2000, Dr. James Boulton, 256pp, illustrated throughout, ISBN 1-894255-07-0, CDN$79.95 (Approx US$52.95)

A scholarly examination of the many paterns and styles of headdress worn by Canada's most recognised symbol - the Mounties. From the earliest days in 1873 to the present, including controversial decisions such as the Sikh turban, all styles of headgear are shown, complete with historical background


A History of Women in the Canadian Military, Barbara Dundas, 158pp, illustrated throughout, ISBN 1-78920-187-91 CDN$39.95 (Approx US$24.95)

Canadian service personnel as well as nursing sisters, their roles, dress and history are given thoughtful study in the handsome book.



Canadian Military Heritage, Serge Bernier, 258pp, illustrated throughout, ISBN 2-920718-51-7 CDN$ (Approx US$ )

The third and final volume in this excellent series on the Canadian military and their role in Canadian society. Profusely illustrated with the artwork of Ron Volstad as well as selected pieces from the Canadian War Museum's War Art collection.



The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps: An Illustrated History

448 pages 8.5 x 11 inches A handsome history ofCanada's armoured regiments from their cavalry roots, to World War I, World War II, the KoreanWar, and UN and NATO peace-keeping duties.More than 300 photographs many in colour, illustrations and maps by Chris Johnston. Appendices, index ISBN 1-896941-17-6 Hardcover with jacket In Canada: $69.95 (Approx US$44.95)


Canadian Armour in the Italian Campaign.

Don Dingwall. Privately published booklet full of fascinating information. Covers vehicles, markings, camouflage schemes, organisation and much more. No illustrations but does include two pages of colour markings. 54 pp. pb, spiral bound. $16.95 (Approx US$11.00)



Regimental Numbers of the Canadian Army, Clive M. Law, 64 pages.

A complete list of serial number blocks allotted to Units of both the Active and Reserve Forces. Also includes a rationailisation of the numbering schems used from 1945-1965. CDN$15.00 (Approx US$9.95)



Serial Numbers of the CEF

Wigney. An indispensable little refernce book for the collector of medals and useful for every student of the Great War. Throughout the 40 pages are listed the blocks of serial numbers for all of the units of the CEF, port of embarkation, and other little snippets of information. CDN$10.00 (Approx US$6.75)



Mentioned in Despatches of the C.E.F., Wigney, 148pp, ISBN 0-9680750-1-0, Wigney

A list of all Mention in Despatches (MiD) as well as "Names Brought to the Notice of the Secretary for War". This is an indispensible reference for the geneologist as well as for the collector of medals. CDN$36.00 (Approx US$24.00)


Worthy Investments

Joyner. Another valuable tool for the colector of decorations awarded to officers of the CEF. The book lists those officers who received their medals at the hands of His Majesty, King George V, usually at Buckingham Palace. CDN$12.00 (Approx US$9.00)



Tangled Web; Canadian Infantry Equipments, 1855-1985, Summers, J.L.

An extensive, well illustrated survey of load carrying accoutrements: the belts, pouches and bags, of the armies of Canada from the purchases made between 1855 and 1985. Canadian War Museum Historical Publication No. 26. 160 pp., 400+ illustrations. ISBN 0-919316-97-2, CDA$82.00 Approx.US$68.00

Our own "UpClose" series now features three titles;

#1 "Distinguishing Patches", Formation Patches of the Canadian Army, 1916-1996. Clive M. Law, $24.95, Includes 23"x32" full colour poster.

This book documents the fascinating history of the design, approval and use of sleeve-worn formation patches of the Canadian Army.



#2 "Tin Lids - Canadian Combat Helmets" Roger V. Lucy, $22.95.

NEW! Second Edition. A detailed history of the acquisition and use of stell helmets in the Canadian Army. Includes British patterns as well as Canadian development. A complete description of Infantry, Tanker, DR and Airborne patterns. Covers all Canadian useage and Canadian designs. Concludes with the modern Canadian PASGT model.


#3 "Khaki - Uniforms of the CEF", Clive M. Law, $18.95.

This book examines both the uniquely Canadian uniforms as well as the standard British issues of the Great War. Illustrated with over 70 photos and line drawings.




#4 "A Question of Confidence - The Ross Rifle in the Trenches", A.F. Duguid, Editied by Clive M. Law,

Written in the immediate post-WWI years by the official historian of the Canadian Army. This book offers new insights into this controversial rifle. CDN$22.95 (Approx US$14.95)

A Source of Pride, badges of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1918, J. H. Harper,

This fascinating new book examines the use and approval of cap, collar and brass shoulder titles of the CEF. Based almost exclusively on archival sources, this book brings to light new information on identifying official badges from unofficial ones, and war-time issues from post-war manufacture.160pp, CDN$29.95 (Approx US$19.95)



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