Secret Weapons of the Canadian Army, 128 pages, 153 B&W illustrations, 7x10", Soft Cover. CDN$29.95 (approx US$24.00)

An examination of the experimental and prototype weapons developed in Canada during the Second World War.

Based exclusively on war-time reports prepared by the Army Technical Development Board and Army Engineering Design Branch, this important book reveals the successes and failures of the many weapons projects including all forms of small arms, crew served weapons, armoured fighting vehicles and mechanised transport used by Canada. Fascinating insights into the interactions between the USA, UK and Canada as well as the problems of convincing the UK of Canada's technical and manufacturing capabilities.

The highly authoritative text is supported by over 150 illustrations showing virtually every piece of equipment covered in the reports. This is the second title in the Weapons of War Companion Series (see Tools of the Trade).

"Secret Weapons of the Canadian Army", Roger V. Lucy, ISBN 1-894581-40-7, 128pp, 153 ill., 7x10", SC. Published by Service Publications, PO Box 33071, Ottawa, ON  K2C 3Y9 Canada. Ph. (613) 820-7350, Fx. (613) 820-1288, e-mail

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