Tools of the Trade, 128 pages, 158 B&W illustrations, 7x10", Soft Cover. CDN$29.95 (approx US$24.00)

This new book examines the difficulties of equipping the Canadan Army Overseas during the Second World War. From a standing start in which the Army had little in the way of mechanical transport, no real armour to speak of, a lack of modern artillery and rifles surplus from the First World War, the Canadian Army developped into one of the finest fighting forces of the Allies.

Based on four war-time reports, compiled by the Canadian Army Historical Section under the command of Col C.P. Stacey, this book is an authoritative overview on the many types of equipment used by the Army. These four reports have been merged and edited with the result of an incredible readable narrative. The equipment covered includes Small Arms, Light Weapons, Anti-tank equipment, Anti-tank Artillery, Medium and Heavy Artillery, Anti-aircraft Artillery, Self-propelled Artillery, Tanks including Specialty Tanks, Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Amphibian Vehicles, Scout and Reconnaissance Cars, Mechanical Transport including Jeeps and Motorcycles.

In addition to the WWII text additonal information has been added on experimental equipment, unusual issues (such as the Centaur) and more. The 128-page text is complemented by 158 high quality illustrations showing just about every item used. Below is a selection of pages from the book. Tools of the Trade can be considered the "Mother" of the Weapons of War series of authoritative booklets.

Sample pages from Tools of the Trade